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For best effect, scroll back up and say “you’re so cute” and then read through it again

Midnight Marco scribbles shalala


What do you mean this does not happen off-camera?

dreamstalker asked: That would be a lot to take in I don't blame you

I think i’ve finally pulled myself together. Thanks for talking to me though. I think that helped. :)

I should probably stop crying at some point

Back from camp!! Hopefully all of you lovely people have had as good a week as i had uwu
yoyoyoyo im going to be at a camp for college from today till thursday so no posts probably till then!! see you guys thursday!

Steady now, your genetic code is being rewritten.

"I want to be a penguin keeper, or a treasure hunter! It might be cool to be a diver, too!"


Noiz Dramatical ~ 


there is so much yaoi on my dashboard i


Fullview. So I drew Rose in LOLAR as part of a LOFAM thing I’m still working on.
And now. I am. Utterly. Sick. Of pink (for now).


someone come put me to bed before I remember I don’t know how hands work


R.I.P. Ren’s cape


sajdksakd haven’t drawn homestuck in a while